Laminate Countertops

Average Countertop Installation Costs

Laminate Countertops fully installed by a professional will cost somewhere in the range of $35-45 per linear square foot. You can do the project yourself but it will probably come out having fewer seams and a nicer finish if a professional does it. You are looking at about half of that price than if you are to do the job yourself.

One of the major drawbacks of installing laminate countertops is their longevity. While they are inexpensive in comparison to other styles of countertops, you get what you pay for. The thin surface sheet of laminate can chip quite easily and flaws can start to appear. If water gets underneath the laminate that covers the composite core, that's bad. The composite material will absorb moisture, swell, and you may see bumps and lumpiness in your counters.

Laminate countertops are very easy to keep clean. They do not harbor or foster the growth of bacteria. Simply wipe them clean with some cleaning spray and a paper towel or cloth. Bleach or harsh cleaning agents are not necessary.

Installing laminate countertops is not the greatest option today unless your main concern is budget. They are the cheapest option but they do not last and are not as desirable as some other kinds of countertops should you ever put your house on the market. They were a very popular style when they came out. That was back in the 50s! In recent years, there has been a key addition to choices in countertops and if granite or engineered stone is out of your price range, perhaps solid surface countertops are something you may want to research. It's middle of the road in price and much more durable than laminate. The price is low. You just need to determine the value of them over different types of countertops.

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