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Solid Surface countertops are a relatively new style of countertop that has become very popular. The technology for these counters came along about 35 years ago. Today, they are one the top choices for countertops on the market in affordability, cleanliness, and durability.

Corian and Formica are just a couple of the more popular brands of solid surface countertops. Solid surface countertops offer greater durability and more solid construction than laminate countertops. Solid surface countertops are made of the same material through and through. Laminate countertops are just a covering on a manufactured paper core.

Solid surface countertops are resistant to stains and bacteria because of their non-porous construction. They simply need to be wiped down with a good disinfectant cleaner. There is no regular maintenance that needs to be done for these countertops. This is another reason installing solid surface countertops is a popular choice.

A major advantage of these countertops is that they can be repaired and refinished in event they are scuffed or damaged. Solid surface countertops have a long life, much longer than a laminate countertop. They are close in price per foot to laminate which makes them a high value choice. When they do get weathered after about 20 years, they can be completely refinished.

Solid surface countertops are not resistant to heat and scratching. For minor repairs to scratches on your solid surface countertops, simply take a piece of light grit sandpaper and sand down scuffed area lightly. Then, wipe with a clean rag. That should remove most minor scuff, scratches, and burn marks.

Zodiac and Corian are both solid surface countertops that are put out by Dupont. They are some of the most popular suppliers of solid surface countertops. The Corian is a made from an engineered material that is strong and long lasting. Dupont's Zodiac countertops are actually made with at least 50% recycled glass. That's nice to hear if you want to help save the environment.

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